Three components; Photography, Design, and Education


D'Angelo Photography; Started in 1978 by Andy D'Angelo, commercial photography has been the mainstay of our services. Our images are used by all sizes of businesses for one reason only ... our images sell your products. Our Professional Commercial Photography capabilities include product photography, workplace photography, executive and business portraits, editorial and public relations, food, fashion, aerial and legal photography.

Overlook Communications; With the advent of digital media and electronic production methods we began expanding our design services and market them primarily toward smaller business that may not have the need for ongoing ad campaigns that typically necessitate larger ad agencies. Our goal is direct; Effectively communicate through the design & production of sales and marketing materials. Postcards, flyers, sale sheets, POP display materials, logo design and brochures.


Education; Since the inception of D'Angelo Photography, Andy has been continuously involved in the teaching & consulting aspect of the field. Andy has taught college level, continuing education, and adult enrichment classes since 1980. He has held many professional level seminars for other independent photographers and in house staff photographers and offers B2B consulting geared to bring your in-house shooters up to par with the competition.











  • Photography
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PhotoOverlook Communications and D'Angelo Photography maintains a full service photo studio able to produce exceptional product photography, business, executive, environmental portraits, architectural photography, aerial photography, exterior and interior photography. We can photograph at your location or in our studio. Send us your entire product line for photography only services. Pricing starts at only $22.00 per image. We will supply you with high resolution, high quality images ready for web or print uses. Please follow the link to "Catalogue Photography" for details on this photography service.

The small business source for outstanding visual marketing tools. We specialize in providing creative and cost effective print design, product photography, commercial photography and image retouching and enhancement.

Our Design Services for the small business owner include complete layout & design capability for brochures, catalogues, ads, CD covers, postcards, logo, letterhead, sales sheets, pocket folders, either for traditional hard copy distribution or electronic media. We can fully execute your projects including high quality photography, completely retouched and enhanced, as well as printing of your entire job.


Year round classes are offered for novice photographers of any skill level. We maintain a separate web presence for the classes offered. Please visit us at

Corporate level learning opportunities include 1 on 1 or department based seminars for your in house photographers or designers. Topics we have presented include instruction in Photoshop, InDesign, product lighting, shooting fashion and related merchandise, studio photography, working with models, post processing, working with RAW files, and business portraiture. For additional information, follow our B2B Consulting link.

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Photo Galleries

Showcasing images created for businesses and include food, product, architectural, workplace, public relations, editorial, and executive portraiture. Links to specific portfolios:


Industrial - Commercial Spaces

People & Workplace


Business & Executive Portraiture

B2B Consulting

Over the recent years, many businesses have developed in house capabilities for production of newsletters, catalogues, web & electronic media and supportive photography. In many businesses the staff wear many hats and consequently their learning opportunities may have been diminished over time. We have the ability to bring your support staff up to speed and create competitive images that will increase your sales.


Catalog Photography

Do you have a catalog you produce that includes dozens or hundreds of items? We offer an extremely competitive catalog product photography service wherein we can photograph your entire product line for as low as $22.00 per item. Click on the image above for bulk photography pricing.